Would you Dare?

This here is a good question, would you dare?


In February 1492, a poor grey-haired man, walked into the pearly gateways of the great Alhambra, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s palace. Haunted from his boyhood with a dream and idea that the earth is round and that there were other unknown lands in the west that he could reach. He believed that could reach the east by sailing west. Therefore, he needed financial backing for an expedition into the new lands but was turned down and even considered crazy for having such an audacious and out of this world idea. As if that was not enough, the king’s ‘wise men’ who had been brought up to ‘analyze’ his idea ridiculed it and even mocked him. “But how can men walk with their heads hanging down, and their feet up like flies on a ceiling?” one of them asked.

Christopher Columbus is now credited with opening up the…

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