Things that make you go hmmm….

A lot has been said,and will continue to be said about love.And I keep wondering,what is this love they talk about?It is told of love ever lasting and happily ever after..a knight in shining armour that is supposed to come and sweep me off my feet and ride off with me into the sunset…ahem,sorry to burst his bubble if he’s out there,or reading this.One,am an African woman,with flesh in all the right places,filled out to perfection(well,almost,but what the heck,I love me as I am…),so sweeping me off my feet better not be literal.Two,knight?OK,forget the armour part,most(sorry guys,not that I love any of you any less) are just idiots in tin foil- oh back to my point..knights were and have always been associated with chivalry,something that is sadly lacking in most men.Opening doors,holding seats for the ladies and pouring drinks?History.A guy will call to take you out,you dress to kill and to thrill…you are on a high,expecting romance at it’s best.First,he doesn’t pick you up-dudes,you do not have to own a car to pick her up.Go by her place,leave together…and for Pete’s sake dress like a man going on a date,not an ex convict with trousers sagged so low you have to waddle like a duck so the trousers don’t fall off.Neatness is paramount if you want to keep the girl and get that second and third date.

A real gentleman is sensitive to a fault.DO NOT,I repeat,DO NOT-I hope I’m shouting loud enough,take her to your neighbourhood pub.If you have some money,dude,good for ya,make it work for you.Take her to a nice restaurant,dinner,wine, the works.Now,if you ain’t got no money,then boy,you gotta let your imagination work for you.Look for simple fun things to do,and no,am not going to do the thinking for you,so I won’t even suggest what you can do.DO NOT,under any circumstance,fiddle with your phone while she is busy waxing lyrical about how this has got to be the happiest day of her life…why am I even telling you guys this?Oh I know,common sense ain’t common!

Ladies,ladies ladies….there is a whole lot of stuff I could tell you.Number one being,act like a lady.Two-please do not down a whole bottle of wine just because it tastes better than the local brew you are used to!Do not embarrass yourself if you want a second,third,fourth-oh alright,if you want marriage(can’t believe I said that out loud) and kids.Three and four,refer to one above.Do not for the love of God start talking of marriage on day one.Trust me,he will run so fast you’ll only see the dust…Now,I have completely gone off topic,but some things have to be said.So,where was I?Oh,I was talking about love..Supposedly when you meet ‘The One,’you will know.I wonder how you know,cos definitely I haven’t met him yet-and I wonder if I will.If he is out there,then he better be A LOT of things.I read a lot of fairy tales and romance novels when I was a kid,but someone ought to tell young girls that love is not,”smoldering eyes and fire in the loins’ kinda thing.I think,and this is just me,that love is what is left when you take away the romance.If you still love that person,even with his noisy chewing and smelly socks-and her with her incessant talking and the soaps-yes the soaps,then you’ve got something going.Someone who you can be yourself with,who shares most interests-books,music,you laugh at the same  jokes-and you can literally finish each others sentences..then maybe,just maybe you have found love.So,whilst I wait for my Romeo,I will just watch from the sidelines and if I go out with you and we don’t click,it’s nothing personal.I have long learnt that I live my life on my terms,and no one is responsible for my happiness.And so,to quote Aaron Neville’s song,”somewhere somebody’s waiting,longing,somewhere somebody,is waiting for me….”These for me,are the things that make me go hmmmm….



I have always wanted to write.No,scrap that.The order is,I have always loved writing,and I have always wanted to write.When I was in form one,my friend Judy and I swore on everything that was sacred to us that we’d be authors,even if we died trying.That was the highlight of reading Pace Setters,Sweet Vally High,Mills and Boon,Temptations,and now that we were in High school,Danielle Steele and Sidney Sheldon.We at the height of our naivety-and creativity, thought a novel took one week to pen.We were on the right track though,our passion for the idea was endearing,the only problem we had no vision,only a mission.So the idea died a noble death,but like the Phoenix,might rise from it’s ashes,for the ember is there,it just needs to be fanned.

  Writing is just putting thoughts on paper.Simple,right?For some reason,I start out with a brilliant idea,if it’s a story all the characters are vivid,then I sit to write,and my mind goes blank.This is a call to all the writers out there…is this what they call a pre-writer’s block?Or is it that I do not try hard enough?Or is it that I have not fanned the embers hard enough?Or is it that am just not meant to write?I concur with the former,unless someone comes up with concrete evidence of the latter.So here I am,with my own blog,and if am to publish it, it needs to have readable content that makes some sense to the people out there who stumble upon it.How much is enough?How much is too much,or too little?Is there a limit to the amount of words I can write?Can I even find those words?Should I write in an ordered manner or is it permissible to just rant,rave and wax lyrical about this,the other,or even nothing at all?

  “Cowards die many times before their death.The valiant only taste of  death but once.” The famous words of Shakespeare in Julius Caesar…and so this gets me thinking.The worst I can do is be that coward that fears death.If I do not get out there,write whatever is on my mind,my dream will have died a million times over by the time I die,so I figure the best I can do is just write.Be it gibberish,but keep on writing,maybe,just maybe one day the gibberish may make sense.I read blogs and go all wow on them,and I think,Lord this person really write!Am henceforth venturing,going all out into this uncharted territory.All criticism is welcome,negative and positive-after all,ANY critic is better than none! Time to chase my dreams and stop being complacent.The time is now.Nothing can ever stop an idea whose time has come.